Danville’s superior facilities are closely aligned with the core value : accountability.

The campus is rigorously maintained in accordance with a “broken window” philosophy... people respond best when they feel safe and comfortable in pleasant surroundings. The immaculate indigenous gardens create a park- like outdoor environment in which to relax during breaks as well as providing outdoor “classrooms” that foster discussion and encourage a cross - pollination of ideas. The classrooms are all equipped with smart boards and have access to wi-fi and the internet. This creates an interactive, participative learning environment for each pupil. Danville’s excellent academic results are possible because both teachers and pupils are afforded the opportunity to work in a learning environment that is modern as well as pleasant.






Consumer Studies Food Laboratory

MasterChef comes to Danville! Well provisioned with new stoves, a large pantry and in a spacious, energising, modern kitchen environment, our aspirant chefs are inspired to produce delicious meals.

Art Studios

The Art Studios are always humming with focussed, creative energy as our art pupils are immersed in the smells of paints and sounds of inspirational music as they translate their view of the world into artworks – whether on canvas or in the graphic design studio or in 3D creations.

English Gardens

In a park-like environment, the English Gardens provide the ideal space for interactive learning. Our English pupils enjoy the tranquillity of the gardens during quiet reading periods as well as clustering around the tables where heated group discussions on various aspects of English literature take place.

Life Sciences and Physical Sciences Laboratories

Danville is fortunate to have 5 well equipped laboratories as well as two lecture theatres which stimulate a passion for the sciences in airy and spacious environments.

Microscope Room

Our dedicated Microscope room staffed by a permanent Laboratory Assistant, opens new perspectives on organisms for our budding scientists. Each pupil is able to work with her own microscope as she is encouraged to analyse slides and apply theoretical knowledge to real specimens.

Media Centre

Danville recognises that reading and research are critical life-long learning skills. Encouraging the quest for new knowledge, the extended Media Centre (Library and computer research facilities) is at the heart of the school. Staffed by qualified librarians and IT specialists, the Media Centre is always a hive of activity.