The academic support offered to Danville pupils is an important factor in ensuring academic success for each pupil. Whether participating in the mentor programme in Mathematics, Afrikaans and English, attending extra lessons offered in Mathematics, support lessons in all Matric subjects throughout their grade 12 year or attending specialist workshops, pupils are supported and guided as they build their confidence in each learning area.

Danville teachers take an interest in each pupil and are vested in ensuring each pupil’s mastery of her subject.

In the afternoons they are encouraged to make use of the Study Venue where a qualified teacher is able to provide support with homework and research.

Our Media Centre with its award winning specialist library, world class Victor Daitz Collaborative Learning Centre and additional computer room staffed by 3 librarians and an IT expert, mean that our girls have access to research facilities and expert guidance when planning and researching projects and presentations. Danville’s IT Evolution initiative ensures that each girl experiences the best of cloud based learning as we move beyond the four walls of a classroom into the exciting world of global connectedness.